Laser Technology

Laser Technology

The word "laser" stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." A laser beam is a very concentrated beam of light that is capable of penetrating the skin or tissue and affecting change. Lasers can be used in dental procedures to perform certain tasks, including removing tooth decay, treating gum disease, and reducing inflammation caused by infections in the mouth.

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Application of Lasers In Dentistry

During a laser procedure, the laser beam is projected to the treatment site and is absorbed by the water in the patient's bloodstream, which transforms the light into heat energy. The heat then works to destroy any cells in the body that are infected with bacteria or are causing infection. The absence of oxygen in the area being treated also helps to sterilize the area and kill all lingering microorganisms that cause inflammation.

Lasers are much more effective at destroying oral bacteria and vaporizing soft tissue than traditional methods of treatment, such as drills and scalpels. In addition to being more precise and accurate, lasers can also target specific portions of the mouth without affecting surrounding tissues that are not infected. This makes them ideal for use around delicate areas like the inside of the patient's mouth, tongue, and other sensitive areas.

When treating tooth decay, lasers can target bacteria and precisely remove the infected tooth structures where they are located while leaving healthy structures and tissues intact. This precise targeting ability makes laser treatment ideal for cavity preparation and for filling those cavities after they've received treatment. In fact, lasers are considered by many dentists to be the safest and most conservative way of removing decay from a cavity to prepare it for a filling. 

Patients who undergo laser treatments often experience less bleeding during their procedures, as well as a faster recovery time. This is because the procedure does not involve the use of a drill. Patients also report reduced pain and little to no discomfort during the procedure. Lasers are also much quieter than a traditional drill, so most patients find the procedure to be much more pleasant overall.

Benefits of Using Lasers in Dentistry

Lasers are extremely beneficial in dentistry because they enable us to treat our patients in a fast, comfortable manner with improved precision. With lasers, we can remove tooth decay without the use of anesthesia, thus improving the patient's comfort during treatment. 

We can also perform root canals without the need for needles or drills – our patients love knowing they will be more comfortable during their treatment! Lasers are also highly effective at treating gum disease and gum recession, which can prevent more serious dental health issues down the road. 

In addition, laser treatment can improve the overall appearance of a patient's smile by eliminating unsightly stains and improving the overall aesthetics of their smile.

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