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If you view your teeth as a house, then your gums are its foundation.

You can have a beautiful house. But if that house is built on a weak foundation, it’ll ultimately falter. The same holds true for teeth with unhealthy gums. By treating periodontal problems, establishing regular dental visits and learning proper care strategies, you can prevent tooth loss and keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums, ligaments and bones supporting the teeth. Studies show that periodontal disease has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease. Mothers with periodontal disease during pregnancy have also been shown to suffer from increased risk of pre-term low birth weight. Treatment approaches depend largely on the severity and extent of the infection. At Provinces Dental, our primary goal is disease removal in the gums. Once you’ve regained periodontal health, we help you establish a maintenance program suitable for long-term oral health.

Scaling and Root Planing:

Treatment of Periodontitis typically begins with a procedure called Scaling and Root Planning. In this procedure, the infected areas of the mouth are placed under local anesthesia to ensure optimal comfort. Next, bacteria and debris in the periodontal pockets are gently removed with special instruments. After debris removal, tooth surfaces are planed to enhance smoothness and encourage tissue re-attachment, thus eliminating the diseased pocket.

Laser Therapy:

In many periodontal disease cases, the doctor may recommend pocket sterilization using state-of-the-art laser therapy. We use both Diode and Ultra Speed CO2 laser technology. Laser use over the past decade has shown to be extremely beneficial for patients with periodontal disease, as they immediately kill all bacteria located in the periodontal pocket, thus facilitating re-attachment of the diseased tissue to the tooth to expedite healing. Most periodontal disease treatments can be conducted by our skilled and highly equipped hygienists and doctors at our office, eliminating the need to see a specialist.

Periodontal Maintenance:

After a patient completes the scaling and root planning process with or without laser therapy, follow-up visits are imperative along with the adherence of our in-home maintenance regimen taught by our hygienists. Periodontal maintenance visits are required to maintain optimal oral health. Depending on disease severity, patients may need to return every three to four months for cleanings or risk repeating the process.

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