Chandler Pediatric Dental Care at Provinces Dental

Chandler Pediatric Dental Care at Provinces Dental

We cater to patients of all ages.

Each of our dentists are parents themselves. So we understand how to talk to and care for your children. We love working with children and teens, fostering an environment where your child can feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Parents are pleased to learn that we never restrain children in our office nor do we use Nitrous Oxide or any other type of sedation on children. We believe that most children can be treated without drastic and often dangerous measures. That’s why we use soft voices and behavioral techniques to keep your child cozy and safe during each procedure. On occasion, we may need to send a child with behavioral challenges to a pediatric dentist for sedation and treatment. However this is uncommon.

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Our office welcomes walk-ins, but we encourage pre-arranged appointments to ensure optimal timeliness and attention. Contact our Chandler, Arizona dental office at (480) 792-6880 to speak with a scheduling coordinator.

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