Dental Implants in Chandler, AZ at Provinces Dental

Dental Implants in Chandler, AZ at Provinces Dental

Implants may be a great option for you.

Are you missing a tooth or multiple teeth? Implants are a great solution, placed where the root used to be and acting as a “new root” for the tooth or teeth being replaced. Implant placement is a straight-forward procedure that has a high 95+ percent success rate and can be performed by our  Chandler dental implant dentists  in our office from start to finish for most patients.

At Provinces Dental, we use Ankylos™ implants because we firmly believe that they’re the best implants on the market today. We’ve had tremendous success with Ankylos™ and have found that the naturally associated bacterial infection risk is greatly reduced by its first-rate patented design. The long-term aesthetic stability achieved withAnkylos™ implants are another important advantage. With this type of implant, we’ve achieved beautiful, long-lasting results that restore missing teeth back to their original function and appearance.

Do you have complete or partial dentures that don’t fit, move when you eat or cause sore spots?

If so, an implant solution could be right for you. Provinces Dental can arrange an initial consultation with our doctors to discuss options, giving you teeth that function much better and more comfortably than your current dentures.

Like single or multiple tooth restorations with implants, we can give patients currently suffering from clunky or awkward dentures a better alternative. By placing a few implants in your mouth, we fabricate a special denture that locks into the implants, holding the denture in place. So there’s no more fussing with denture creams or unsightly clasps that can wear your teeth down.

The Chandler Dental Implant Procedure:

Most implant procedures are completed in two stages:

Stage 1 involves implant placement. Gentle local anesthesia is used in the area where the implant will be placed. A small incision is made and a space is prepared in the jawbone. When adequate width and length are achieved, the implant is placed. This procedure is less traumatic than tooth extraction, and the entire procedure takes just a few minutes. Once placed, your implant is allowed to sit underneath your gingiva for three to six months so it has sufficient time to fuse properly with the jawbone.

At Stage 2 , you return to our office following a prescribed duration, and we evaluate the stability of your implant. We take an implant impression and it is sent to our dental lab where a crown suited specifically to your implant is fabricated. An esthetic abutment, or a post screwed into the implant, is not visible and acts to form a stable attachment for the crown. The crown is then cemented to the abutment to complete the procedure.

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