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Did you know that all dentistry should be cosmetic?

At Provinces Dental, we strive to make any restoration in your mouth fit your face and smile, making you look your absolute best. Our team of Chandler cosmetic dentists have completed, and continue to pursue, constant continuing education courses in smile design, esthetics and cosmetic restorations to deliver only the finest results for you.

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Have you stopped smiling in public or in photos? We can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Because we perform so many interdisciplinary procedures in our office, we can implement a combination of techniques including dental implants, root canals, crowns, bridges, veneers, whitening and even esthetic over-dentures to serve your cosmetic and functional needs. In short, our office is a rare one-stop-shop for your finest result.


Arrowhead Elite Cosmetic Veneers are a welcome solution for those who need a total smile make-over due to wear or breakage, intrinsic staining, old bonding, decay or fillings that have diminished in appearance over time. A Veneer is a layer of porcelain that covers and beautifies the underlying tooth, vastly improving your smile and promoting a younger, happier and healthier appearance. Our office is proud to use only Arrowhead Dental Laboratory for the creation of our stunning, esthetic Arrowhead Elite veneers and crowns. Here are some pictures of Arrowhead Elite Veneers:

Melanie's Veneers Hernan's Veneers

Zeek's Veneers Megan's Veneers

Interested in Veneers?

At your first appointment, our Chandler dentists sit down with you and devise a smile design solution specifically suited for you. We take digital photos, and impressions for study models, and to send to Arrowhead Lab, which is arguably the best and most qualified cosmetic lab in the country. It’s there that a wax-up is created to provide you with a white stone & wax model of what your teeth will look like, before we begin the procedure.


At your second appointment, we will show you your wax-up models, and make adjustments if necessary. If you’re satisfied with the wax-up, we can begin the veneer preparation process. We make certain you are completely comfortable throughout this process, and at no time will you feel any pain. You will leave with temporary veneers which will be the same size and shape as your final veneers will be when the lab returns them. 

Your third and final appointment is a very exciting day! This is when we deliver your final results: a gorgeous smile! At this time, temporaries are removed and your beautiful, permanent porcelain-ceramic veneers are carefully and gently cemented onto your natural tooth with a high-grade bonding agent. Veneers function just like natural teeth while offering natural but perfected aesthetics. 


Whitening is a safe and easy cosmetic procedure typically performed in our Chandler dental practice. We offer serveral types of whitening services, including the latest ZOOM! 2™ system, which brightens your smile up to eight shades lighter in just one hour. We also offer various at-home options for your convenience. More and more of our patients are asking for a whiter smile, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our safe and effective processes.

Zoom! 2™:

Zoom! Whitening

Offered exclusively to our established patient base, Zoom! 2™ whitening is conducted conveniently at our office. Zoom! 2™ can whiten your teeth by as much as eight shades. As an added bonus, after the Zoom! 2™ process is complete, you’ll also receive at-home custom trays and professional-grade whitening gel, which you can take home with you for touch-ups. 

We are sorry, but we are unable to provide Zoom! 2™ whitening to anyone who has not established with our office by completing a full series of dental X-Rays, Comprehensive Exam with one of our Doctors, and the recommended Hygiene procedure with one of our Registered Dental Hygienists. 

How does Zoom! 2™ whitening work?

  • Your procedure starts with an application of vitamin E to your lips. Your gums are covered with a protective barrier, and your teeth are coated with Philips Zoom in-office whitening gel.
  • The Zoom lamp will then be positioned near your teeth to accelerate the whitening process.
  • The procedure consists of up to four sessions each lasting 15 minutes. For each session, the whitening gel will be replaced by a new coating.
  • Your dental professional may adjust the lamp should you experience any sensitivity.
  • At the end of the last session your dental professional will give you the whitening gel that best fits your needs, your desired whitening results, your level of sensitivity and your lifestyle.

At- Home Whitening Options:

At-home whitening trays are offered to patients who opt to complete their whitening process in the comfort of their own home. We offer both instant as well as custom whitening options. 

For instant, take-home professional Whitening, we recommend Sheer White!®

Sheer White!® is easy to apply and adapts tightly to the shape of each patient’s teeth with no leakage. Our patients are reporting a pleasant whitening experience with less sensitivity and no effect on their daily activities. They can speak normally and even have a drink while wearing Sheer White. This is a nice, professional-grade whitening that can be done in 2 hours or less, at your convenience, and it is very inexpensive. Sheer White!® is only available to our established patients. 

For custom, at-home Whitening, we take impressions of your teeth, and custom-made trays are fabricated. These trays will only work for you. This whitening service is provided only to our established patients, who may purchase whitening gels from our office that offer a higher concentration of bleach than otherwise found in products sold at any drugstore, supermarket, or online. This higher bleach concentration delivers safer, faster, and more advanced results than over-the-counter bleach or whitening toothpaste. You will receive detailed instructions on the proper use of your whitening trays to promote optimal benefits.

Not everyone is an ideal whitening candidate. If you have any of the following, please let us know so that we may offer effective alternative solutions.

  • Large composite restorations or crowns: If you choose to whiten, you may need to replace any restoration that does not match after the whitening procedure. Large composite restorations or crowns will not whiten.
  • Severe tetracycline staining
  • Existing periodontal disease: Any type of periodontal disease should be addressed prior to cosmetic bleaching.
  • Pregancy or lactating patients
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity: If you have extremely sensitive teeth, they may become irritated by the ingredients used during the whitening process. We highly recommend the use of a sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne™ the week before and after whitening to help decrease any resulting sensitivity.

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